21 Day Challenge – Day 6

My, my junk food is addictive. I did my best to do better than yesterday and I think I had a little more self control. I can’t kid myself though, I have to focus on being healthy on Day 7 and onward. Breakfast – Eggs Lunch – Salmon – Salad Coffee w/ milk one hour … Continue reading

21 Day Challenge – Day 5

Well, it seems like Day 5 was cheat day for me. I expected to have a cheat meal for dinner, but I ended up having cheat snacks too and a little too much of it. Now I know why the people over at Authority Nutrition say to not eat “a little bit” of something bad … Continue reading

21 Day Challenge – Day 4

Breakfast – Eggs – Almonds Lunch – Chicken shawarma – Rice Snack – Cup of berries – Coffee w/ milk Dinner – Beef – Broccoli – Spinach Snack – Almond butter – Honey – Cinnamon Water throughout the day Workout: I did a workout for approx. 40 mins using body weight exercises. I started with a … Continue reading

21 Day Challenge – Day 3

Breakfast – Eggs – Almonds Coffee one hour after Lunch – Grilled chicken – Salad – Almonds Snack – Cup of berries Dinner – Fish (Sole) – Peppers, onions, mushrooms Lemon ginger tea one hour after Snacks – Clementine – Almonds Water throughout the day Workout: I worked out for approx. 30 mins doing strictly … Continue reading

21 Day Challenge – Day 2

Here are the meals and snacks I ate yesterday. Temptation was even higher when my mom came home with a chocolate croissant and a rice krispie bar! I love those and they’re still in the house today, but I’ve been good and managed to not give in. Breakfast – Eggs – Almonds Coffee one hour … Continue reading

21 Day Challenge – Day 1

Breakfast : – Eggs – Almonds Lunch: – Chicken – Steamed veggies Coffee one hour after lunch Snack: – Almonds Dinner: – Chicken – Spinach salad Snack: – Almonds – Cup of berries (strawberries & blackberries) Water throughout the day. Workouts: 15-20 minute workout involving jumping jacks, push ups, dynamic stretches, squats, and a lot … Continue reading

21 Day Challenge

I’ve been thinking for a while now that I want to eat healthier. I’m sure pretty much everyone says this. Probably the hardest part about this is willpower. It’s so hard to eat healthy all the time when you live with your family who buys not-so-healthy food that’s just lying around in the kitchen. Instead … Continue reading

My Workouts – September 9-15

I finally started Muay Thai again after not having done it for a few weeks. It felt great to be back! 🙂 I also tried the TRX class for the first time right after my Muay Thai class. It was a really good workout and the instructor had us do a lot of different things … Continue reading